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Future Capital
2 min readDec 2, 2020


Future Capital was launched with a core belief: the lack of diversity in business is not inevitable.

Earlier this year — fresh on the heels of a new, more virtual, way of working — we launched our first livestream, establishing our commitment to showcasing and promoting a new side of the decision making table. What followed was a series of discussions, events and learning experiences that validated that core belief on a consistent loop.

Since that first livestream, we’ve interviewed a dozen experts in startup investing, run 10 crash courses on venture funding, and closed multiple private investments; all of this has been done alongside leaders from a broad spectrum of diverse backgrounds.

A new look for the future

As our network expanded and we began to work with a broader, more diverse set of senior leaders, founders, and partners, it became clear that we needed a sharper, more streamlined and more unifying way to tell our story. That’s why we’re relaunching our website and with it, our entire brand identity.

Defining our voice

As established operators, investors and connectors, we are passionate about filtering the best information up to the top. If you’re looking to stay in the loop about startup investment news, track the progress that we’re seeing around diversity in leadership or meet the emerging leaders in the startup ecosystem connect with us on social.

What’s next?

Future Capital was formed to provide education, access and investment opportunities to highly-skilled professionals who are underrepresented in the venture funding ecosystem. We’re firmly committed to raising the bar for inclusion and diversity in venture through the development of a new, more diverse community of decision-makers.

The goal of Future Capital isn’t to unseat the decision-makers in business or to strip away opportunities from the existing machine that is venture funding. Instead, we aim to expand the pipeline of great deal flow, create new pools of capital and build a new cohort of investors that look like the future, not that past.

We’re just getting started. Join us.



Future Capital

We are developing a new, more diverse cohort of startup investors at the angel, syndicate and LP levels.