Future Capital was launched with a core belief: the lack of diversity in business is not inevitable.

Earlier this year — fresh on the heels of a new, more virtual, way of working — we launched our first livestream, establishing our commitment to showcasing and promoting a new side of…

We write a lot about investing, diversity in leadership, and education-based disruption. This list is a collection of resources & ideas compiled to help navigate the world of investing.

This list is updated regularly.

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Gender Diversity in Venture

Understanding accreditation in the US and Canada and why it matters for angel investing.

An accredited investor is an individual, entity, or financial institution with a specific financial designation that enables them to invest in opportunities that are not legally available to ordinary investors. …

They all have a finance background.

A number of people across the investment space have finance backgrounds and that can be intimidating. Angel investors come from various backgrounds and success is not linked to just one skillset. As Highline Beta General Partner, Lauren Robinson explains: ‘early-stage investing is as much a science as it is an…

Future Capital

We are developing a new, more diverse cohort of startup investors at the angel, syndicate and LP levels.

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